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Welcome to EduHub

Switch on Success, byte by byte! 
Instant solutions for learning problems.
Earn an income from home.
Don't let your disability define you.

What can we do?

Our aim is to make online education available to whoever needs it, wherever you are.
All programs are available for registration at any time of the year and are self-paced.
We provide 24/7 assistance, via e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp.
Virtual one-on-one tutoring is available, on request.

Pre-school/Primary school Online Program

Suitable for children between ages four to fourteen years.  Subjects include Math, English, Science, Writing, Reading, Social Study.  Self-paced video lessons, quizzes and assignments on demand via internet.  

Homeschooling and Edu-centre Online Program

Start or continue with your homeschooling or Edu-centre from home. 
Take the hassle out of lesson preparation and finding worksheets and get online assistance from teachers when and where you need it.

  High School assistance

We constantly scour the web for online material to make high school education more accessible to anyone.  Teachers can submit their lesson plans, worksheets and video material for review, and an income, on all subject.   


Per day

  • N$670 per month
  • N$8000 full course fee
Elementary School  


Per day

  • N$ 1170 per month
  • N$14000 full course fee
Senior Primary School


Per day

  • N$1340 per month
  • N$16000 full course fee

What can you do?

There are many ways in which you can assist to make education available to everyone and earn an income from home.
You may also make a donation or sponsor any of our students at any time.  


You may  enrol your child, at any time of the year, for any of the online classes that we offer, via our website.  Help is at your finger tips, from home or anywhere else.


Start your own edu-centre from home, using our online programs or promote your existing centre via our website.


Submit your lesson plans for inclusion in any of our online programs.
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About Us

We are fully aware of the need for quality, affordable, balanced education throughout Namibia and elsewhere. 
The Covid pandemic and consequent lockdowns have had a severe impact on parents' and students' lives.  Many parents have realized that a teacher's job does not end at 13:00 and have found that home-schooling is not as easy as it looks. Many schools tried to cover the void of class teaching by making available E-learning programs to their students, in conjunction with workbooks and assignments.  Unfortunately, many Namibians did not have access to internet connectivity and electricity and this problem persists.
We are constantly scouring the web for programs to provide online and hybrid solutions for students, who, for different reasons, cannot attend normal school or may have dropped out of school for various reasons.
EduHub online program continues to grow and anyone may become part of the program at any time.  There are solutions to over crowded classes, high dropout rates,  poor student performance, homeschooling woes etc.  
We want to assist each child and the youth at large to reach their full potential, irrespective of their circumstances, abilities or location.

Tips and Tricks for Productive Online/Homeschooling

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Lessons from Covid

We had to adapt, very quickly, to a new way of life and our normal routine was turned up side down.  Most of us discovered how innovative  we really are and how to carve out a new reality for our own sakes and the survival of our families.
We also realized that there are many things that we could do on our own.  
Thankfully, we survived and came out stronger on the other side, with a few dents and bruises.
Mostly we gained confidence in ourselves and that we are able to make things work, whatever the circumstances. 

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Why Online School

There are many reasons why parents may prefer their children to do online or homeschooling.
Your child may not have access to normal school because of distance or disability. You may not want your child to be in an over crowded classroom.   You may not be impressed with the standard of education.  The list goes on and the decision to do online/homeschooling, remains that of the parent.

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Tips for Success

There are many online and e-learning programs available via the internet.  Make sure that you research each program well and also that it is suitable for your child's level.
The next step is to setup a dedicated space and equipment for your child to work. 
Establish a routine.  It is recommended that you start at a suitable time and adjust "schooling" to four or five hours per day.  "Schooling" time should be divided into forty minute periods, so that full attention can be given to a number of subjects during that time.
Most Online and e-learning programs do not make provision for social interaction, physical activities or development of other skills that are vital for your child's growth and suited to their abilities.  Normal schools provide these opportunities during and after school.  You will need to provide these opportunities if you want your child to have a balanced education.

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Elwera Smith

I was stuck during Covid.  My children could not attend school due to lockdown and, although I had time on my hands, I found it difficult to find structured learning material so that my children could continue with their school work.
My problems were solved when I discovered EduHub.
My children suddenly enjoyed doing their school work from home and were able to pass their grades successfully.
We continue on this program, although I had to go back to work.

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Tanja Wassermann

I am amazed at the progress that my children have made although they are now homeschooling.
I am not a teacher by profession but found it easy to assist my children with their school work and assignments, as the fully prepared lessons, quizzes and assignments were available 24/7.  Online assistance is only a click away and virtual meetings made it easy for us to connect to teachers, when we were stuck.
We have saved a bundle of money as we did not need to pay for transport, uniforms, text books etc. and, best of all, my children do not have to go to boarding school.
Some of our neighbours' children have joined our group and I am earning an income from home, thanks to EduHub.

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Anthony Atkins

I have been and still am a teacher.  I have prepared thousands of lesson plans and worksheets while teaching at public and private schools.
I now earn an income with this material, from home, and still make a contribution to education, although I am disabled after my accident and cannot do class teaching anymore.
Best of all is that I can submit my work at any time as EduHub is available 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration is open throughout the year.  You may register students at any time.  Edu-centres may also register at any time.  Registration is normally done within 24 hours after receiving the Registration Fee.

All fees may be paid via EFT or Credit Card.  Registration fees are non-refundable and should be paid before you can be registered.  Other fees may either be paid in full or monthly installments.

We allow a grace period of 15 days after Registration Fee is paid, for students to access their profiles.  Course fees should be paid by the end of each month to avoid blocking of the student profile.  

Payment to Registered Edu-centres is made after the payments from parents are received by EduHub.   Teachers, who are registered, and have submitted approved lesson plans, are paid immediately after approval of the lesson plans.

Our online programs are available 24/7.  If assistance is needed, you may contact us via e-mail or via WhatsApp or SMS.  Your query will be answered within 24 hours.  Virtual individual tutoring is available on request.

Report cards are issued to students on completion of the full course and if the full course fee has been paid.






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